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A detailed, topographical map of Squamish, including navigational information for 20 of the best hikes in Squamish. Discover hidden trails not found in any other hiking map, plus all of the popular hikes. Includes; Squamish Chief, Slahany, Alice Lake area, Smoke Bluffs Area, Brohm Lake, Murrin Park, Cat Lake plus all of the main hikes in the Sea to Sky Gondola area. Ideal for both trail runners and hikers wanting to get out and explore Squamish. Our geo-referenced map will help ensure you stick to the trail and discover new ones on the way.

Price: $ 11.99 USD

Vendor: Canadian Map Makers

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking

Published: 2014

Language: English

Size: 62.3 MB

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