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Scotland Physical iMap


This map looks fantastic on your iPad, iPhone or Android device. It is an excellent, reference tool, even when offline. The Second Edition (2018) now features Shetland in it's true position in compliance with Scottish Government legislation. It features all the major cities and towns along with all the motorways and major road networks with their relevant road numbers and junctions. The physical relief is a clear, hill-shaded, contour layered base. It also includes definitive first level (county) administrative boundary lines and names for Scotland. These maps are digitally created for the iPad/iPhone/Android device to make full use of the powerful tools built into the Avenza Maps App. XYZ Maps are specialists in Geographic Information Systems & Cartography. We supply map data for GIS users, publishers and the web. This map is also printed as a wall map, and is available as a 300 DPI GIF image and in locked or editable PDF formats. Size : 1110mm x 710mm (43." x 27.5") © XYZ Maps. Edinburgh, Scotland.

Price: $ 6.99 USD

Vendor: XYZ Maps

Category: Topographic

Published: 2018-September

Language: English

Size: 74.9 MB

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