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XYZ UK Postcode Area Map - (AR3)


The map area includes the whole of Scotland, England, Wales, the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland, plus with inset maps for Greater London and the Channel Islands. It shows the 124 top level Postcode Areas (e.g. EH). These are the most detailed Postcode maps available, and are the 'phone / tablet versions, of XYZ's best selling Postcode Paper Maps Series. There are 5 maps covering the UK in the National Postcode Area (AR) seriues. There are 11 Maps covering the whole of the UK in the District Map (D) series. There are 20 Maps covering the UK in the Sector Map (S) series. There are 120 Maps covering one Postcode Area per map in the Postcode Area (G) series. There are 7 Maps in the City Centre (C) series. The maps are an excellent Professional tool, allowing quick determination of Postcode Boundaries and make full use of the powerful tools built into the Avenza Maps App. The UK (+ IoM and Channel Islands) is separated into 124 Postcode Areas, and around 3000 Postcode Districts which are denoted by the first 2 or 3 characters of your postcode eg. OX1, OX2 etc. The Postcode Area map has a clean white background, major roads, towns and cities in gray and the Postcode Areas in red. It is also available with a political coloured background - see map (AR2). The Postcode Series is also available as plastic coated paper maps and as data. Visit our website. XYZ Maps are specialists in Geographic Information Systems & Cartography. We supply map data for GIS users, publishers and the web. © XYZ Maps, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Price: $ 7.99 USD

Vendor: XYZ Maps

Category: Tourist

Published: 2016-January

Language: English

Size: 37.0 MB

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