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Colorado Big Game GMU 18, 27, 28, 37, 181, 371 Hunting Maps


Our GMU Hunting Maps are the finest available and include spectacular 3D Hillshade topography, topographic lines, public land ownership boundaries, roads, creeks, streams, rivers, and key terrain features along with deer and elk migration patterns. The selected GMU hunt unit or game management unit boundary is layered with both blm and forest service shading. The overview maps depict the gmu unit locations. The maps you download are the specific digital gps maps for each gmu. Use these maps to navigate to and within the GMU unit. Drop pins to mark your secret spots, create gps navigation routes, add photos to each of your marked locations for reference and mark your kill spots to return to when successful and packing out your meat. MIDDLE PARK REGION is comprised of GMU units 18, 27, 28, 37, 181, 371 Get all six of these gmu unit maps in a bundle with one download for $23.99 and save 20% The Continental Divide and the Gore Range Divide encircle Middle Park. Most of this terrain is steep to very steep. The weather can change rapidly. Areas can become snowbound. 4WD is recommended, along with chains. Sagebrush/shrubs are common on southern exposures at lower elevations. The valley bottoms are mostly private lands. The remaining 66% of this area is public land. GMU 27 has less public land than the other GMUs. Horses/pack animals are recommended for remote tracts and for Wilderness Areas. Due to the proximity to Denver, there are many weekend hunters & recreationalists (bikers, hikers, ATVers). The past decade’s mountain pine beetle killed an estimated 80 percent of mature lodgepole pine trees in Grand County, creating numerous hazards along public roadways as these trees begin to fall. As a result, fire danger is increased, big game distribution is changing in some areas and logging operations are likely in some spots. Hunters might focus on some of the dead lodgepole areas as increased sunlight to the forest floor creates more forage and these areas tend to hold deer and elk for longer periods of time. However be aware of possible falling trees when hiking, or setting up camp in pine beetle kill sections! Set up camps etc, in cleared areas away from dead trees. These dead trees can fall on their own without wind, or warning! Road closures for tree removal will likely occur this season and next in this area. Deer Hunting All GMUs have good numbers of deer. The buck-to-doe ratios continue to increase as a result of limited buck hunting and mild winters. All units are managed for quality bucks. There are good numbers of mature bucks, but they rarely reach trophy status found in lower elevation mtn shrub & mild winter areas. Concentrate on transition zones that have aspen, shrub and coniferous cover. Deer tend to move west and down in elevation over the seasons, snow will move them faster and farther. They typically migrate out of GMU 371 with average snowfall. A limited number of 4th season deer licenses available. Elk Hunting Elk are well distributed in all units. Bull to cow ratios are good because the area is fairly steep and heavily timbered. Generally, trophy bulls are rare (a few are taken every year) because bulls are managed for hunter opportunity. With hunting pressure and snow, elk head for the inaccessible timber and private property. GMU 27 has a lot of private land. Hunt the rough terrain and heavy cover away from roads and trails to increase your success.

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Published: 2015

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