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Timberline Trail Mt. Hood - Trail Running Map


This map utilizes lidar data to depict the landscape and terrain around Mount Hood in exquisite detail. Designed with a focus on the Timberline National Historic Trail No. 600 in Oregon's Mount Hood National Forest, this map is the ultimate resource for aiding in navigation while trail running the 41-mile route around the mountain. Specifically designed and formatted with trail running in mind, this map covers and focuses on the Timberline Trail loop around Mt. Hood. It includes information and distances for connecting trail access to the loop and the hydrography depicted is based on actual summer flow observations to better help runners plan hydration. Depicts essential viewpoints along the way to not miss the best views, and distance between trail junctions and points along the way. Includes an elevation profile (with estimated mileage showing for both clockwise and counterclockwise directions) and additional forest and running information. Specifically formatted for the digital environment, this Avenza Maps version allows purchasers to receive updates to their map when events like future fires or storms create closures to areas or trails, at no additional cost.

Price: $ 7.99 USD

Vendor: Elevation Changes Cartographic LLC

Category: Trails

Activities: Hiking

Published: 2022-August

Language: English

Size: 88.3 MB

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