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Hinata-yama 日向山 Hiking Map (Chubu, Japan) 1:25,000


Located in western Yamanashi at the northern end of the South Alps, Mt Hinata (Hinata-yama 1,660 m) can be reached from Tokyo via limited express train and local bus. It’s a relaxing climb to the white, sandy granite top, from where there is a view of Yatsugatake, Mt Kaikoma and Mt Fuji. After going down the same way, make sure to check out Sen-ga-buchi Pool along the Ojira Canyon near the start of the trail, and then drop by the nearby Ojira-no-yu for a hot spring bath. (Text by David Couvreur) Hiking Around Tokyo: A blog about climbing some of the lesser known peaks of the Kanto area by David Couvreur Map © The Hokkaido Cartographer Email:

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Category: Trails

Activities: Hiking

Published: 2022-June-30

Language: English, Japanese

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