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Akita-Komagatake 秋田駒ヶ岳 Hiking Map (Tohoku, Japan) 1:25,000


Akita-Komagatake has long been a special mountain for local people. Not only is it the highest peak in Akita Prefecture, but the shape of the horse (“koma”) caused by the melting snow on the mountain side was traditionally a sign to start planting rice in the fields. Although the highest point at Oname-dake is only 1,637 meters, the mountain dominates the surrounding countryside including Lake Tazawa in the valley below. Straddling Akita and Iwate, this mountain is actually a series of volcanoes both active and extinct that have created a spectacular landscape including crater lakes, rocky ridge lines and the stunning valley of flowers known informally as Moomin Valley. (Text by Alastair Bourne) Akita-Komagatake is one of Japan's 200 Famous Mountains (日本二百名山, Nihon Nihyakumeizan), a list chosen by the Fukada Club, a fan club for Kyuya Fukada in 1984 as an extension of his Japan 100 Famous Mountains. Hiking Around Tokyo: A blog about climbing some of the lesser known peaks of the Kanto area by David Couvreur GoNorth Japan - making videos to show the undiscovered glory of Northern Tohoku on Youtube by Quinlan Faris Map © The Hokkaido Cartographer Email:

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Category: Trails

Activities: Hiking

Published: 2022-June-5

Language: English, Japanese

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