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Shawnee Section

What's new:

Trail reroute north of State Route 125 in Shawnee State Forest.


Shawnee Section of the Buckeye Trail Geospatial PDF map. This map is updated 1/29/2020 and provides the Buckeye Trail line within the Shawnee Section. This map does provide matching points to the traditional BTA paper map. This map provides the following additional information: Parking, Camping. This map does not provide the text that is in the traditional BTA paper map.Hiker advice, please check for the latest Trail Alerts and map updates. A paper map is also a great idea for backup!

Price: $ 6.99 USD

Vendor: Buckeye Trail Association

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking, Camping

Published: 2022-May-26

Language: English

Size: 38.0 MB

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