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Biodiversity Day GeoCache Map


Saturday, May 21, is Biodiversity Day at Powdermill Nature Reserve. Scientists from Powdermill and Carnegie Museum of Natural History will be giving visitors an inside look at how they study various facets of nature. Interested in putting your navigational skills to the test? If you find all five GeoCaches on this map, then you can redeem a prize from the GeoCache table! You'll need to note the letter associated to each cache in order to spell the prize-winning word at the end. Prizes are given out on a first-come, first-serve basis! Powdermill Nature Reserve is Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s environmental research center. Powdermill's 2,200 acres of woodlands, streams, fields, and ponds is located 55 miles southeast of Pittsburgh in Rector, Pennsylvania. Powdermill is home to the museum’s GIS lab, avian research center, and a new nature center with ecological exhibits. In addition to being positioned for Appalachian-specific studies in ornithology, ecology, invertebrate zoology, and botany, Powdermill offers many educational programs for your family to spend a fun-filled day outdoors.

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Published: 2022-May

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