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Ryokami-san 両神山 Hiking Map (Kanto, Japan) 1:25,000


Mt Ryokami is about 100km west from Tokyo in Chichibu, Saitama. The main climbing trail is Hinataoya on the west side. Another option is the nearby and well-maintained private Shiroisasu trail, requiring advance permission. Finally, the Hatcho Ridge trail on the north side, with its 27 rocky sections fitted with chains, is recommended for fit and experienced hikers. The roundtrip for each takes 6-7 hours and can be done from April to December. After making it down safely, be sure to drop by the Yaukushi-no-yu hot spring (Text by David Couvreur) Ryokami-san is one of Japan's 100 Famous Mountains (日本百名山, Nihon Hyakumeizan), a list recording favourite ascents by Japanese mountaineer Kyuya Fukada, published in book form in 1964. Hiking Around Tokyo: A blog about climbing some of the lesser known peaks of the Kanto area by David Couvreur Hiking trails, resources, and adventures around Tokyo - by David Lowe Map © The Hokkaido Cartographer Email:

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Category: Trails

Activities: Hiking

Published: 2022-May-15

Language: English, Japanese

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