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Valsessera - Valle Cervo hiking map 1:25000 n.124


The north-eastern Biella area is a stunning territory of Upper Piedmont, characterized by large valleys and alpine ridges. To the west of the map is the upper Valle del Cervo, with its passes that lead towards the Valle del Lys and towards Upper Valsesia. In the centre, protected all around by the mountains, is the Upper Valsessera, an Alpine territory of great environmental and historical value, recognized as a Site of Community Importance (SCI) by the European Union and crossed by the Insubric Line, the contact fault between the ancient European continent and the ancient African continent. The Upper Valsessera is considered the source of the Biellese economy, thanks to the large sheep pastures that once gave rise to the great wool manufacturing industry, and to the water that fed the nascent textile industry in the Valle di Mosso and Valle Sessera. Through the Panoramica Zegna road, Oasi Zegna connects the nature and silence of Alta Valsessera to the resilient industriousness of the Trivero and Valle di Mosso areas, now united in the name of Valdilana. The hiking map fades down towards the Rive Rosse trails, the hills of Nebbiolo vineyards of Upper Piedmont and the pilgrim routes leading to Oropa. In line with the sustainability principles that drive Ermenegildo Zegna Group, Oasi Zegna represents a consequence of the founder’s green approach. Long before the word ‘ecosystem’ was invented, Ermenegildo Zegna began creating the ecosystem that is known today as Oasi Zegna: a free access natural territory that extends 100 Km2, 1,420 hectares of woods and 170 hectares of pasture, becoming the perfect place to connect with nature in full respect for local ecosystems. Fondazione BIellezza, as part of a broader tourism development project in the Biella area, has selected the most interesting itineraries suited to the needs of tourists and hikers who love to explore and discover a new territory on foot. The correctness of the data collected is guaranteed by the GPS systems used. The routes marked in red are maintained safe by the CAI, the Italian Hiking Club, sections of Biella, Mosso, Trivero and Valsessera. The routes marked in grey are not signed and are recommended for expert hikers only. printed maps available:

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Published: 2022

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