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Saguaro West - National Park


The park is divided into two sections, called districts, lying approximately 20 miles east and 15 miles west of the center of the city of Tucson, Arizona. There is a visitor center in each of the two districts. Both are easily reached by car from Tucson, but there is no public transport into the park. Both districts conserve fine tracts of the Sonoran Desert, including ranges of significant hills, the Tucson Mountains in the west and the Rincon Mountains in the east. The park gets its name from the saguaro, a large cactus which is native to the region. Many other kinds of cactus, including barrel, cholla, and prickly pear, are abundant in the park. One endangered animal, the Lesser Long-nosed Bat, lives in the park part of the year during its migration, together with one threatened species, the Mexican Spotted Owl. Kinney Road and Picture Rocks Road intersect in Saguaro National Park West. The Tucson Mountains are one of the four mountain ranges that surround Tucson. The Saguaro cactus is native to the area and can be found exclusively in the Sonoran Desert. Saguaros grow at an exceptionally slow rate, it can take a single cactus nearly 100 years to grow it's first arm! Conveniently located near the protected Saguaro Park West one will find many tourist attractions including, Old Tucson Studios, The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and popular hiking trails. The Hohokam Petroglyphs that are etched into large stones reside in Saguaro Park West. Aside from the historical petroglyphs and imposing Saguaro cacti, desert wildlife is abundant. Coyotes, roadrunner, jack rabbits and quail are just a few of the animals that call this park home. All hiking trails are on this map.

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