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RoadMap1957 ①東北(Tohoku)

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Update to solve the problem that the geodetic system is not recognized (the current location cannot be displayed) due to the fact that the Japanese geodetic system is not recognized by updating the geodetic system information in the application Ver3.15.2.


This is one of the series of road maps that were published for the first time in Japan in 1957. It was established before the use of motorized vehicles became widespread in Japan. As a result, publishing the map made our company take the initiative in creating road maps. Issuing the map went through trial and error urging mapmakers to visit Europe to seek developed skills of mapmaking. The map has good taste that is a little different from modern maps because of the traditional tools that were used to create it. It was drawn with ink, pencils, and a ruling pen which is a drawing tool to achieve extremely thin lines. Looking closely into the map, you would discover huge differences from current Japan that has achieved drastic economic growth. For instance, the map tells us that only 8% of national roads were paved when the map was issued. This shows Tohoku district area. The scale is 1:500,000. 日本において1957年に出版が開始された、道路地図シリーズの中の一点です。日本でモータリゼーションが起こる前に整備された地図で、ロードマップの先駆けとなるものでした。地図の先進国であったヨーロッパへの現地視察等を行うなどして、試行錯誤の末リリースされた地図となっています。インキとペン、烏口等を使用して製図されたところなど、現在の地図とは少し異なった趣を感じ取ることができます。地図をよく眺めてみると、高度に経済発展を遂げた現在の日本からは想像もつかないような、様々な違いに気が付くことができるでしょう。例えば、当時(出版開始時)の国道の舗装率は、たったの8%です!こちらは東北地方版で青森から福島をカバーしており、縮尺は1/500,000になります。

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Vendor: Buyodo corp.

Category: Historical

Published: 1957

Language: Japanese

Size: 199.0 MB

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