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Greek Rodopi Mountain Range (5 maps)

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This is a big bundle pack! The wild Rodopi Mountain range in Greece, consisting of 5 hiking maps in various scales, at a discounted price 30% off. Walk all along this last paradise of Northern Greece: -Western Rodopi, 1:50.000. Includes Frakto, Elatia, Symida, Nestos lakes -Mount Falakro, 1:35.000. The 2.229m summit standing guard at the southern Rodopi border -Central Rodopi, 1:50.000. Includes Leivaditis, Stamna, Pomakochoria (Pomak Villages), Erymanthos, Koula, Tsichla, Xaintou -Achladovouni or Tsal, 1:30.000. The mountain over the central border of Rodopi Mountain Range, the city of Xanthi -East Rodopi, 1:40.000. Includes the Thracean Meteora, Kompsatos river, Pomakochoria, Mount Papikion ALL MAPS with field updates 2019-2022 LINK TO SHARE THIS BUNDLE OUR PAPERBACK MAPS & BOOKS AERIAL VIDEOS & PHOTOS FROM GREECE

Price: $ 22.99 USD

Vendor: Geopsis Maps & Guides of Greece

Category: Tourist

Activities: Hiking, Offroading, Hunting, Camping, Cycling

Published: 2022

Language: English, Greek

Size: 141.4 MB

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Contains 5 maps:

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