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Pangaio Mountain 1:25.000, Macedonia, Greece

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Spectacular improvement of the map's elevation model and hill shading / minor changes and additions in toponyms


Pangaio Mountain is situated between the Ancient Greek city of Philippi and the smaller Symvolo mountain that lies at the Aegean coast. At it's 1956m highest summit on a clear day you can see Mt. Athos, Mt. Olympus, Rodopi, Falakro, plains and beautiful sunsets. Edition 2022 Ο πιο νέος, ενημερωμένος και αναλυτικός χάρτης του όρους Παγγαίου. Έκδοση 2022. Αγοράζοντας τον χάρτη του Παγγαίου παίρνετε δωρεάν τις ενημερώσεις του, για πάντα. LINK TO SHARE THIS MAP OUR PAPERBACK MAPS & BOOKS AERIAL VIDEOS & PHOTOS FROM GREECE

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Vendor: Geopsis Maps & Guides of Greece

Category: Trails

Activities: Hiking, Offroading, Hunting, Camping, Cycling

Published: 2022

Language: English, Greek

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