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Nitonupuri SW Low Laps (Hokkaido, Japan)


The south-west aspect of Nitonupuri is probably the busiest ski touring spot in the Niseko region, if not the whole of Japan. At the same time, if you're an early riser, it's easy enough to be the only one out there even in the peak of the season. It's busy for a reason; the terrain is well pitched and with good mature trees. It's a short skin from the 'car-park' and it's super easy to knock out a few laps before getting on with the rest of your day be that work or family skiing at the nearby resorts. If it's your first day out and about in the Niseko backcountry then you can't go wrong with this route. See the full overview at

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Category: Topographic

Activities: Skiing

Published: 2022-January-15

Language: English, Japanese

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