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WalkGPS - Kittys Gorge - Serpentine Falls Walk Area - Darling Range

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This is a custom-created map for bushwalkers planning to use GPX or KML files and other information from WalkGPS website to navigate a WalkGPS bushwalk in the Kittys Gorge - Serpentine Falls area of Serpentine National Park, Western Australia. The area is near Jarrahdale and 48 km south of Perth city. The map is centred on the local walk area so that walkers get the relevant map detail they need without needing to download a map covering an unnecessarily much larger area with likely less detail / resolution and larger file size and likely greater cost. See for the GPX (GPS 'track', waypoints and route) or KML file (GPS 'track' and waypoints) for the WalkGPS Kittys Gorge - Serpentine Falls Walk.

Price: $ 0.99 USD

Vendor: WalkGPS

Category: Topographic

Activities: Hiking, Orienteering

Published: 2022-January-10

Language: English

Size: 7.6 MB

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