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Forest Lake 100 Bike Route

What's new:

Added Sand Lake Trail around Scandia. Updated Legend and made minor readability changes.


This 100 mile bike ride explores the area north and east of the Twin Cities. The route starts and finishes on the popular Gateway Trail, but primarily uses paved low traffic rural roads. It explores the rolling hills near the St. Croix River before going north into relatively flat lake country. Every attempt was made to make this a scenic ride, so the route meanders from hill to valley, follows the shorelines of numerous lakes and picks narrow, low traffic roads over more direct through streets. The 2019 update includes a new base map with better road labeling and green space designations plus symbols for amenities such as parking, drinking water and bathrooms. The 2021 update includes additional route options in the Scandia area. For riders who don't want to ride the entire Century ride, the Scandia area now has a network of very pleasant backroads that can be stitched together for a 25 to 50 mile ride that is mostly flat, with some low rollers. See all Bikeverywhere maps

Price: Free

Vendor: Bikeverywhere

Category: Trails

Activities: Cycling

Published: 2021-November

Language: English

Size: 18.0 MB

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