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Monastery Beach and Carmel River State Park


Monastery Beach is a beautiful place for a picnic and there seems to be an endless train of weddings, tourist buses and visitors who come to enjoy the scenery. It's a pretty incredible spot under water too, but it is far more dangerous than it looks. First, there's the topography. Monastery Beach lies on the Eastern rim of the Carmel Canyon which means that a 200 yard swim from shore in some places will put a diver floating in 200 feet of water. Since the beach has a nearly due West aspect, it faces the Pacific with little protection from large waves or swell from the open ocean and the wave energy quickly piles up and dumps directly onto the beach in a very narrow strip of surf zone. The entry itself is very steep and made even more exhausting by course, gravelly sand that moves a great deal under foot and even then the strong waves and slope produce an undertow and washing-machine effect that can make it very difficult for swimmers to exit the water. There are abundant warnings against swimming here because of waves and powerful rip currents and experienced scuba divers shouldn't dismiss those signs as not altogether applying to them. A handful of fairly high profile dive accidents have earned this site the nickname "Mortuary Beach." If this is your first time here, bring a buddy who has experience here and be familiar with "the Monastery Crawl." With those precautions understood, this is one of the finest dives in all of Monterey with clear water, abundant fish and startling topography to challenge even advanced divers. This is as good as California diving gets, just remember to: Go with an experienced buddy Only get in the water on a calm day Enter and exit from the edges of the beach at the north and south, not in the middle Be familiar with the Monastery Crawl and save enough air to crawl fully out of the water with your regulator in

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Published: 2021-October

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