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Pebble Beach and Stillwater Cove


Stillwater Cove is the coastal access of the Pebble Beach golf course and it is a truly beautiful place to visit. Despite rumors to the contrary (including among Pebble Beach's own staff), there is neither a limit to the number of divers allowed per day nor is there a reservation system currently in place though parking is tight and divers are advised to arrive early to find a convenient parking space. The cove often earns its name and as it is far more protected than other sites in the Carmel area. While shallow, kelpy and inviting to beginner divers, the Cove itself isn't particularly interesting to more experienced divers who mostly try to head out to Pescadero Rocks or take a kayak around the corner to the North to access more remote locations with more impressive fish. It might be a good idea to check the calendar to make sure there isn't an event going on too that might make your visit more complicated than it ought to be.

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Vendor: OpenDiveSites

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Fishing, Paddling, Orienteering, Sailing

Published: 2021-October

Language: English

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