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Zion National Park Topographic Canyoneering Map


1:50,000 beautifully rendered topographic canyoneering map of Zion National Park. The map currently includes 20+ named canyon / canyoneering routes and general information of each route that will help you decide rope lengths and difficulty. The map also includes National Park Service canyoneering regulations and all the explanatory information required to obtain a canyoneering permit. Whether you are a seasoned canyoneer or a non-technical adventurer looking to expand into technical exploration of the national park, this map is for you. If you are only interested in hiking or learning about Zion, it is a great map to "fill in the gaps" of what might be blank spaces on other less-useful maps. Why would you pay for this map? Assume the price of the map is 50% less than listed price because the other 50% percent will go toward future automatic updates that you will receive if you purchase this map, which includes: - 10+ additional canyoneering routes (planned) - continued support, via timely error corrections and clarifications. - interaction with me, the developer, who will respond to comments and make map edits based on your feedback.

Price: $ 12.99 USD

Vendor: Vanyoneer

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking

Published: 2021-September-10

Language: English

Size: 355.6 MB

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