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CLCT Uplands Preserve Trails


The Uplands preserve includes two parcels totaling 90 acres. The original Uplands parcel (74 acres) was acquired in an auction in 2006. Funding for the acquisition was partially from CLCT funds, partially from generous donations from neighbors of the property, and partially funded by a DEEP grant. In 2020 the land trust swapped a parcel of property owned in an industrial area in town for a 16.5 acre open space parcel at 4 Westwood Dr. At this writing, the CLCT is arranging to acquire a 6.5 acre parcel of land in between those two parcels. Shortly after acquisition, CLCT developed to trails on the property, the yellow trail and the blue trail. In 2021, trail crews added a new trail, blazed white, primarily on the new Westwood property, but the trail was completed after the finalization of this map. The entrance to the trail is in an opening of the stone wall at the northern boundary of the uplands property on the blue blazed trail. The main entrance is at the circle at the end of Westwood Drive. Please note that there are two entrances near the end of the circle. The one to the left is on private property and used by the property owner all the one to the right nearest the sign in the shape of Canton is the entrance for the public. There is an alternative entrance at the end of Uplands Drive. Note that the first few yards of this entrance requires walking on a private driveway — the sign for the trailhead is located where the driveway turns left. For more information on the land trust see their website at:

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Published: 2021-August-18

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