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CLCT Sun Wind and Woodlands Preserve and Trails


The Sun, Wind and Woodland preserve (SWW) is one of the larger preserves managed by CLCT. This preserve includes 10 distinct trails plus the opportunity to access an 11th trail which is primarily on a different preserve. Several of the properties are owned outright by CLCT (in green) but hikers should be aware that the dark brown parcels are conservation easements and do not permit hiking by the public. Two light brown parcels are identified as remainder interests, which means they are preserved for conservation purposes, but the ownership will be passed to the land trust when the current owners pass away. They are also not open to the public at this time. Finally, note that there are privately owned parcels within the overall boundaries of the SWW preserve. There are some unblazed trails which go from land trust property to private property, and we have had reports of hikers trespassing onto private property, so we urged all hikers to make sure they stay on land trust property. The collection of properties includes one property identified as Sun, Wind and Woodland which was purchased in a bargain sale in 2000. Several other properties included in this preserve or donated by the Perry family. The Barbour Woods property was donated by the Stanley family in 2007, and the property identified as Humphrey 2015 was purchased in 2015. The preserve includes the following 10 trails wholly on this parcel: 1. Tom Perry trail, blazed in red 2. Sun Wind and Woodland trail blazed in yellow 3. Taylor Moses trail blazed in yellow 4. Barbour Woods trail blazed in blue 5. The Arthur and Eunice Sweeton trail (Sweeton Trail) blazed in yellow 6. Fred Feibel trail blazed in red 7. Taylor road extension blazed in orange with white dots 8. Taylor Hill Road bypass blazed in blue with yellow dots 9. Barbour Woods trail spur blazed in green 10. Breezy Hill Farm trail blazed in yellow An 11th trail, the Ted Wright trail, can be started at another point on Breezy Hill Road or on Doyle Road, but some might choose to start at the Sun, Wind and Woodland parking lot, take the Sun, Wind and Woodland trail to Breezy Hill Road then follow the Breezy Hill Road to the Ted Wright trailhead. The best parking is tat the Sun, Wind and Woodland parking area, 200 Breezy Hill Rd. In Google maps, search for Sun, Wind, and Woodland trailhead. CLCT was organized as a nonprofit in 1972, and provides stewardship for a number of properties primarily in Canton, several of which have hiking trails. For more information on the land trust see their website at:

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Published: 2021-August-18

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