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CLCT Smith Tree Farm Trails


The Smith tree farm trails are located on properties associated with the Smith tree farm, as well as several parcels donated by the Perry family, by George Capen, and by Eunice Bouchard. Dr. Smith donated several properties in 1975, mainly in Canton but also in Barkhamsted, including an active Christmas tree farm, and his wife Hannah left us a parcel including a dwelling in barn in 1989. These included some of the earliest acquisitions of CLCT. The Charlotte Craig trail proceeds north from the parking area on Doyle Road near the barn. It was named after Charlotte Craig, who donated the first piece of property to the land trust in 1973. The trail begins and ends in Canton, going through stands of Christmas trees used to support the CLCT sale in December. A substantial portion of the trail is on parcels located in Barkhampsted. This trail is moderately steep in parts, but the hiker will be rewarded with a nice view about 1/3 of the way along the trail if the loop is followed clockwise. The Ted Wright trail is one of the longest trails in the CLCT network. It is a point-to-point trail with endpoints at a parking area on Breezy Hill Road, and the small parking area on Doyle Road (A portion of which is rugged dirt road.) Please note that while substantial portions of this trail are on properties wholly-owned by CLCT, a portion of the trail passes through private property on a trail easement. Hikers are cautioned not to leave the trail as it passes through the private property. There is a nice outlook closer to the Doyle Road end of the trail. CLCT was organized as a nonprofit in 1972, and provides stewardship for a number of properties primarily in Canton, several of which have hiking trails. For more information on the land trust see their website at:

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Published: 2021-August-18

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