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CLCT Noel Baker Trails


The Baker trails are located on 16 acres of property donated by Noel Baker and now owned by the Canton Land Conservation Trust (CLCT). The property was originally acquired in 2004 and a short trail (0.5 miles) was added in 2021. The main entrance of the property is located across the street from 10 Hansen Road. In Google maps, search for Baker Trailhead (CLCT). There is no formal parking area, but there is space to pull over off the side of the road just beyond the culvert near the trailhead. The trail may be short for a destination hike, or could easily be coupled with a longer hike at the Bunker Hill preserves about 1/2 a mile away on Bunker Hill Rd. (77 Bunker Hill Rd. In Google maps search for Bunker Hill Preserve parking (CLCT).) CLCT was organized as a nonprofit in 1972, and provides stewardship for a number of properties primarily in Canton, several of which have hiking trails. For more information on the land trust see their website at:

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Vendor: Canton Land Conservation Trust

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking, Orienteering

Published: 2021-August-18

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