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CLCT Mary Conklin Preserve


The Mary Conklin preserve consist of 164 acres of property owned by the Canton Land Conservation Trust (CLCT). The overall preserve consists of six separate parcels, the largest of which is the 114 acre property, including a home and garage which was generously donated by Mary Conklin in 1996. The other five parcels include two parcels donated by the Smith family, one donated by the Griggs family, one created as part of a set aside by the Gillespie family and one which was purchased as a bargain sale from the Candel's family. The property supports a network of three trails. Two of them are named after a former president of the land trust, Ray Smith – the Ray Smith Red trail and the Ray Smith Yellow trail. There is also a trail named in memory of Tommy Ryan (green blazes) which is an out and back to Breezy Hill Road. The property also includes an abandoned foundation of a barn which was part of the town poorhouse in prior years. The land trust participated in an archaeological excavation of that site. The main entrance of the property is located at 144 Indian Hill Rd. In Google maps, search for Mary Conklin Sanctuary. CLCT was organized as a nonprofit in 1972, and provides stewardship for a number of properties primarily in Canton, several of which have hiking trails. For more information on the land trust see their website at:

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Published: 2021-August-18

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