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CLCT Sweetheart Mountain Trails


The Sweetheart Mountain Preserve consists of 63 acres of property owned by the Canton Land Conservation Trust (CLCT). A portion of the property was acquired by a donation in 1991 and another portion was acquired in 2006 as part of a land conservation set aside in connection with development in the area. The property was formally the location of a ski area maintained by the Canton Ski Club. That ski area was used between 1948 and 1975. For more information on the history of the ski club see: The CLCT maintains a number of trails on this property as illustrated in this map. The main parking lot is located at 80 Dunne Ave. in Collinsville. In Google maps you can search for: Sweetheart Mountain Trailhead CLCT was organized as a nonprofit in 1972, and provides stewardship for a number of properties primarily in Canton, several of which have hiking trails. For more information on the land trust see their website at:

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Vendor: Canton Land Conservation Trust

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking, Skiing

Published: 2021-August-6

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