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Lake Toya Zero Point Reef Canoeing (Hokkaido, Japan)

What's new:

Corrected the naming of Lakehouse at Toyako.


The Lake Toya Zero Point 洞爺湖ゼロポイント is a shallow (≈1m) reef-like underwater island curiously surrounded by open water, about 700m off the shore of the lake's central island. Also referred to as the Suichu-jima 水中島 - literally, Underwater Island - this approximately 30m² underwater rocky mound is surrounded by lake depths of up to 180m. Technically it's essentially a fifth volcanic island in the middle of the caldera expanse that is Lake Toya. The lake's ultra-clear water means this is a worthy destination for experienced open-water paddlers on a calm day. Enjoy the spooky delight of suddenly paddling in 1m of water, still far from the shores of Nakajima Island. See the full route overview at

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Category: Topographic

Activities: Paddling

Published: 2021-July-27

Language: English, Japanese

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