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Twin Cities Bike Map 2021

What's new:

Added new bike access to MSP airport. Symbolized gravel roads (This is a work in progress. Not all roads are symbolized.) Updates in western suburbs


Bicycle friendly roads, bike trails, parks and landmarks in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul metro area. All routes have been field tested by experienced riders. They are connected to provide a seamless transition across city limits and county boundaries. The map is updated approximately 4 times per year with the current version reflecting the most up-to-date information as of March, 2021. Download free placemarks for locations and descriptions of public art, parks, trails, DIY bike service, parking, historic sites and more at Bikeverywhere's Explore More Drop Box site. See all Bikeverywhere mobile maps at

Price: $ 5.99 USD

Vendor: Bikeverywhere

Category: Trails

Activities: Cycling

Published: 2021-March-2

Language: English

Size: 45.1 MB

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