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Sitka BCE 1-8 Bear Mtn Topo


This map is part of a 8 map bundle. The Sitka Back Country Explorer's Map Bundle is designed to provide the highest possible detail (Scale 1:5,270) for those who wish to explore the back country around Sitka, Alaska. A 10 foot contour interval allows exploration of new hiking, climbing, hunting, and skiing routes with increased confidence and safety. The 8 maps included in this collection cover ~ 107 square miles accessible from Sitka's road system. The entire collection extends from Katlian Bay to Bear Mtn and 2 miles beyond the Sisters Mtns. Buying the map bundle provides a discount over purchasing individual maps. This map utilizes the lastest elevation data available (LIDAR and IFSAR) to provide a high level of accuracy This map uses the traditional topographic colors and hill shading for easy viewing. The LIDAR areas show considerably higher detail than the IFSAR areas so the user should adjust their interpretation of map data accordingly when traveling between these areas. The boundaries between these two types of map data are clearly marked. Some property lines are also included on this map as it is not uncommon to find all vegetation removed along Tongass National Forest and other boundaries making travel easier. These property lines should not be depended on for legal matters, such as hunting on federal lands, etc. The streams on this map are derived directly from elevation data and have not been field verified. The streams are believed to be mapped more accurately than previously available with regards to volume (based on relative width) and location, but they should not be adhered to rigidly. Stream pathways have yet to be corrected to follow manmade drainages and culverts along road systems in future updates. Avalanche and landslide areas are also shown with consideration for ease of travel and safety. While great attention has been given to insure the accuracy of this map, data errors are possible. It is ultimately the users responsibility to maintain full awareness of one's surroundings and travel safely. Please share your experiences, favorite routes, and suggestions by emailing Custom crafted maps are also available. *Please Note: the preview images are of lower quality and have some features, such as contour lines, omitted, or distorted labeling due to reduced scale. Enjoy Exploring! Roland Wirth, Points North Maps

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Vendor: Points North Maps

Category: Hunting & Fishing

Activities: Hiking, Hunting, Cycling, Skiing

Published: 2021-April-11

Language: English

Size: 236.5 MB

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