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Buffalo Bay: North (Lake of the Woods)

What's new:

Additional data incorporated in the "Snag Hole" region at the north end of Buffalo Bay, minor presentation edits to make contour lines more obvious


Premium quality contour map of the northern section of Buffalo Bay, Manitoba. Buffalo Bay is part of Lake of the Woods. AEM crews travelled 1,904.9 km while surveying Buffalo Bay. ****This sectional map is also available as part of a bundle. If you want all of AEM's Buffalo Bay coverage on your mobile device, your best value is purchasing the bundle**** Detailed. Accurate. Easy to read. © Angler’s Edge Mapping Inc. 2021. Physical or digital duplication in any form is strictly prohibited. For other products please visit Background imagery source information: 2001 Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Manitoba, as represented by the Minister of Conservation. All rights reserved. Warning: This map is designed as an angling aid and should not be used for navigation.

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Vendor: Angler's Edge Mapping

Category: Hunting & Fishing

Activities: Hunting, Fishing

Published: 2021-February-1

Language: English

Size: 94.1 MB

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