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Baja California Atlas Landscape Maps


1st edition, 2021 All 40 pages of Landscape Maps from Benchmark's printed Baja California Road & Recreation Atlas, as one seamless map download. "Landscape Maps" provide the largest scale and highest detail of any Benchmark Maps, and have been thoroughly vetted for accuracy by Benchmark's team of field-checkers, cartographers, and editors. Features: Land cover (vegetation) base layer, detailed back roads, public lands, national parks and preserves, boating & fishing access, beaches, natural wonders & trails, mission & ruin sites, historic sites & museums, campgrounds, RV parks. Note: Recreation Guides (section with green tabs) from the printed Baja California Road & Recreation Atlas are not included, but all of the points of interest are on this digital map. Legend:

Price: $ 19.99 USD

Vendor: Benchmark Maps

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking, Offroading, Camping, Fishing

Published: 2021-May-4

Language: English

Size: 122.7 MB

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