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Koroni Set 5 Villages Maps

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Koroni is a small City with Venecian Castle and Harbour in the South of Messinia, South West of Peloponnese, Greece. Koroni has a large outback with various Villages and Hamlets: - Agia Triada (Koroni) - Charokopio - Chrisokellaria - Vasilitsi - Vounaria The main Map is the topographic "Koroni Surroundings Map" (not included in this set). This map includes "city"/ location maps from varios villages and hamlets with help you to explore them ... These locations map belongs to the "Koroni Map Series' which may be found here (Stefanos Maps): Read more at Find out more about Koroni and its Surroundings at

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Vendor: Stefanos Maps

Category: Tourist

Activities: City Tours

Published: 2021-April-6

Language: English

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Contains 5 maps:

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