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Ochacha-dake via Yufure-goya Hut Ski Touring (Hokkaido, Japan)


Ochacha-dake 御茶々岳 (1331m) is a high peak in the Yubari range (夕張山地), commanding inspiring views of Ashibetsu-dake 芦別岳 (1726m) directly to the south, and the Daisetsuzan Range to the east. This route assumes you're staying at the rustic Yufure-goya Hut ユーフレ小屋. From the hut headed to the summit, you'll travel through a gorgeous valley, approaching Ochacha-dake from the southeast. This valley offers some playful and interesting skiing on the descent back to the hut. Getting to the hut is the difficult part. The route along the Yufure River gorge involves multiple river crossings and dangerous high traverses. Arguably, this Ochacha-dake diversion is best coupled with an attempt on Ashibetsu-dake for a fine overnight spring adventure. See the full route overview on Hokkaido Wilds:

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Category: Trails

Activities: Skiing

Published: 2021-April-1

Language: English, Japanese

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