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Nikoro-yama Ski Touring (Kitami City, Hokkaido, Japan)


Nikoro-yama 仁頃山 (829m) oozes with warm affection for this mountain, poured unreservedly on visitors by the local Nikoro-yama Friendship Society that maintains the trails. In winter, there's shovels hanging on hooks next to rest areas along the main trail, for people to keep the benches clear of snow. There's elderly people in gumboots, young people in trail-running shoes, and everything in between, keeping the trail well-trodden, even in the middle of winter. You may also be greeted at the summit by an igloo, replete with serve-yourself tea (boil your water using the supplied gas burners). It's hardly a freeride world tour destination, but there's plenty of trails to explore by ski for the intrepid ski tourer happy to keep speed in check on the way down. See the full route overview at Hokkaido Wilds:

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Category: Trails

Activities: Skiing

Published: 2021-March-23

Language: English, Japanese

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