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Ponsamakke-nupuri Ski Touring (Hokkaido, Japan)


Ponsamakkenupuri ポンサマッケヌプリ (931m) is a peak on the Akan Caldera 阿寒カルデラ, right on the border of the Akan-Mashu National Park 阿寒摩周国立公園 in eastern Hokkaido. Through the trees near the summit, there's views south to the impressive Oakan-dake 雄阿寒岳 (1370m) volcano, and Panketo Lake below. The approach is a bit bland along the forestry road, but there's a good steep northern-aspect slope part way up which offers great snow and skiing. The final approach to the summit is very mellow, but the prehistoric feel of the forest is worth the visit. See the full route overview at Hokkaido Wilds:

Price: Free


Category: Trails

Activities: Skiing

Published: 2021-March-14

Language: English, Japanese

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