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Cultus Lake


The Deschutes Paddle Trail The purpose of this map is to help recreational boaters enjoy and safely paddle this lake which is part of the Deschutes Paddle Trail. This map/sign has been installed by the Bend Paddle Trail Alliance (BPTA), in conjunction with its partners and contributors, and was made possible by a grant from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department through the Recreational Trails Program of the U.S. Department of Transportation. The BPTA is a non-profit corporation established to develop the Deschutes Paddle Trail consisting of the nine largest Cascades Lakes and 118 miles of the Little Deschutes and Deschutes Rivers all in Deschutes County. The BPTA has published a guide for the Cascades Lakes which is available at no charge from Oregon Visitors Centers and numerous outlets in Central Oregon and online through the Avenza Maps app. A river guide for the Paddle Trail can be purchased at boat and outdoor shops, bookstores, rafting companies, boat rental businesses and also through the Avenza Maps app. For more information about the Deschutes Paddle Trail, the Lakes and Rivers Guides, the Bend Paddle Trail Alliance and how you can volunteer or contribute please visit Leave No Trace CODE OF OUTDOOR ETHICS Following these principles will help conserve and protect our lakes and rivers for future generations to enjoy. 
 Planning and Preparation -Use guides and maps to help plan your trip -Schedule your trip to avoid times of high use -Repackage food to minimize waste – only bring what you need -Park vehicles only in designated parking areas -Good boating skills help minimize impact 
 Camp On Durable Surfaces -Durable surfaces include rock, gravel and sand -Minimize shoreline impact by launching only in designated areas -Don’t tread on riparian vegetation -Focus activity where vegetation is absent -Leave campsites and day use areas clean and natural looking 
 Dispose of Waste Properly -Carry out all waste -Use toilets where available -Scatter gray water at least 200 feet from lake Minimize Campfire Impact -Use stoves when possible -Use an elevated fire pan or designated fire ring for open fires -Burn only dead and downed wood or bring your own wood or charcoal -Burn all wood and charcoal to ash and carry out ash with other garbage -Never leave a fire unattended! 
 Respect the environment -Appreciate ancient structures, artifacts, rock art and other natural objects-but leave them undisturbed -Do not dig trenches in campsites -Avoid introducing non-native species by cleaning equipment at home between trips and never dump live bait into lakes 
 Respect Wildlife -Observe wildlife from a distance -Never feed wildlife -Protect wildlife by storing food and trash securely -Control pets or leave them at home -Avoid disturbing wildlife during sensitive times such as mating, nesting or when food is scarce 
 Also be considerate of others and respect their right to enjoy the outdoors. Leave radios and boomboxes at home; let nature’s sounds prevail. For more information about the Leave No Trace ethic visit Paddling Safety Safe paddling requires preparation, proper equipment and experience. Weather can change rapidly on the Cascade Lakes. Wind may trigger large waves, fog can decrease visibility and rain and/or snow can happen at any time. Know your craft’s weight limit and adjust according to the weather. Bring extra clothing in a dry bag in case of a flip. In Oregon, children under 13 years are required by law to wear approved life jackets when in boats that are underway. 
 Equipment Checklist: Properly fitted, approved life jacket Sun hat and sunglasses Drinking water Spare paddle(s) Light for signaling First aid & survival kit Boat repair kit Chart and Compass, GPS or map Self-rescue equipment Signal whistle Bilge pump or bailer Appropriate clothing & footwear for the weather 
 Preparation and Experience -Tell a friend or family member where you are going and when you plan on returning -Learn how to rescue yourself and others if capsized -Don’t overload your boat and avoid standing or sudden weight shifts -Never paddle under the influence of alcohol or drugs that will impair your ability

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Published: 2021-March-1

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