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Deschutes Paddle Trail: La Pine State Park to Besson Day Use Area


The Deschutes Paddle Trail includes 95 miles of the Deschutes River from Wickiup Reservoir in the south to Lower Bridge in the north and 26 miles of the Little Deschutes River, along with ten of the largest Upper Cascades Lakes. Because the Deschutes River is the source of water for agricultural irrigation in Central Oregon, its flow levels are seasonal. Generally, the sections south of the north end of Bend can be paddled between April and October, while the sections north of Bend can be paddled between October and April. Similarly, the Little Deschutes River has minimal flows in the winter. The Upper Deschutes River became a National Wild & Scenic River as well as an Oregon Scenic Waterway in 1988. This corridor is known for its outstanding natural features and a myriad of recreation opportunities. Some stretches of the river lend themselves to calm waters suitable for everyone while other require specialized whitewater equipment and advanced skills. BEFORE VENTURING DOWNSTREAM, please check the map to identify hazards and determine if you have the proper skills and equipment for this particular stretch. This map is part of the Deschutes Paddle Trail which was developed by the Bend Paddle Trail Alliance with major funding from Oregon State Parks and in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service. For more information visit: River Safety Rivers are inherently dangerous. River travel requires planning, proper equipment and experience for the difficulty of the river section being traveled. -Wear a properly fitting Coast Guard approved personal flotation device. -Dress appropriately for expected weather. -Whitewater sections require specialized equipment and skills. -Carry a river map for more specific information. -Know the location of all rapids and hazards. -When in doubt, scout it out! -Let someone know where you are going. -Avoid boating alone. Hazards & Difficulty -It is critical to understand the difficulty of the river section before launching. See section descriptions on the map. -Even flat water presents dangers. Always be alert for downed wood and other unknown hazards. -Only the most difficult rapids are marked on the map. -Hazards marked on the map are very dangerous and require portaging or expert whitewater skills to negotiate. Respect the River -Use only designated river access points and parking areas. -Do not tread on riparian vegetation. -Carry out trash, food and litter. -An Oregon Invasive Species Permit is required for all boats longer than 10 feet. Leave No Trace: Before you transport your boat or equipment: Clean, Drain, Dry

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Published: 2021-February-28

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