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Big Bend Explorers - North Chisos Mtns.


A beautiful high definition map (1:18,000 scale), covering the Northern Chisos Mountain Range and surrounding areas of Central Big Bend National Park. This Map Bundle coverage is approximately 190 sq. miles, including portions of 6 USGS 7.5 minute topographic maps (1:24,000 scale). Created using desert colors and hill-shading, this map includes 20' contours, park trails (w/ distances), campsites, viewpoints, intermittent springs, paved and 4wd roads, and more. The detail provided by lidar elevation data allows hikers to better identify routes of interest and travel safely through the landscape. The Chisos Mountains were created by volcanic activity during the Eocene Epoch 35-44 million years ago, with its highest point being Emory peak at 7,825 feet. As the southernmost mountain range in mainland United States, the Chisos is also the only range which lies entirely within a US national park. Purchase the "Big Bend Explorers - Chisos Bundle" to get full coverage of the mountain range and surrounding areas of interest for the most popular hiking areas in Big Bend National Park. The bundle also performs better in joining the two maps, and is available at a discount over purchasing them separately. We hope that the beauty of this map landscape will inspire you to explore more.... Enjoy! Points North Maps

Price: $ 3.99 USD

Vendor: Points North Maps

Category: Topographic

Activities: Hiking

Published: 2021-February-27

Language: English

Size: 334.3 MB

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