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Vermio 1:50.000

What's new:

Correction in toponyms and addition of some trails in the west side


Mount Vermio is one of the biggest single mountainous massives in Greece. Vermio lies at the Central Macedonia region close to the cities of Veroia and Edessa. The mountain is mostly dominated by Beech Forests and has a trail network of marked footpaths, stretching (mostly) in its north east side. Vermio is famous for its two ski centers, 3-5 Pigadia and Seli. LINK TO SHARE THIS MAP OUR PAPERBACK MAPS & BOOKS AERIAL VIDEOS & PHOTOS FROM GREECE

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Vendor: Geopsis Maps & Guides of Greece

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking, Skiing

Published: 2021

Language: English, Greek

Size: 33.3 MB

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