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Fairmont, 1982, 1st edition of JOG Air NK-15-1 at 250000 scale


Fairmont, Minnesota (and parts of Iowa), United States is the clearest topo map published at this scale, with contours, layer coloring, and relief shading. It is part of the Joint Operations Graphic (JOG) / 1501 Air series, published by the U.S. government. Reprojected in 2020 by WhatIs.At for easy use of the kilometer grid * edition 1 * reprinted in December 1994 by the Defense Mapping Agency, Aerospace Center * published by the Defense Mapping Agency, Hydrographic/Topographic Center * air information current through March 8, 1982 * base map compiled in December 1981 * from survey information last dated 1975

Price: $ 7.99 USD

Vendor: WhatIs.At

Category: Topographic

Published: 1982-March-8

Language: English

Size: 42.3 MB

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