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200 KM around Cape Town


The "200 km around Cape Town" map is the larger sister of the CABEX 100 km around Cape Town map. In order to cover a larger area, the map was drawn at scale 1:200,000. However, the detail is still extremely good. It is the ideal travel map for tourists in the Western Cape, equally suitable for motorists, bikers and hikers. The area covered by the map stretches from Saldanha Bay in the NW to Cape Agulhas in the SE, the southernmost point of Africa, where Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. Furthermore it shows world famous landmarks, such as Robben Island (a World Heritage Site), Table Mountain and the Cape Peninsula with Cape Point at its tip.

Price: $ 9.99 USD

Vendor: CABEX Maps

Primary Category: Tourist

Published: 2021-January-19

Language: English

Size: 44.0 MB

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