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MAP BUNDLE - Mt. Yotei Backcountry Ski Touring Routes (Hokkaido, Japan)

What's new:

Version 2 adds the Makkimo Route to the Bundle.


Download this 6-map Yotei-zan ski touring route bundle for $4.99 - all proceeds go towards the Hokkaido Wilds Foundation, a fund to support safe and sustainable access to the Hokkaido outdoors. See details here: See the full Mt. Yotei backcountry skiing overview post here: ------------------------------------------------- Don't want to pay $5? No problem. Here are all the individual maps downloadable for free: Mt. Yotei overview map (A3 size): Yotei-zan Makkari Route: Yotei-zan Jinja-no-sawa Route: Yotei-zan Kimobetsu Route: Yotei-zan Kyogoku Route: ------------------------------------------------ Mt. Yotei (i.e., Yotei-zan, 羊蹄山, 1898m) is a near-perfect, free-standing conical volcano just east of the bustling Niseko ski resort area in southern Hokkaido. This impressive mountain is also referred to as Makkari-nupuri in the indigenous Ainu language. Yotei-zan's dramatic southeastern aspects offer some of Hokkaido's best backcountry skiing for intermediate- to expert-level backcountry skiers. Here, we outline four established backcountry skiing routes up Yotei-zan. Beyond around 1300m in altitude is solid ski-mountaineering territory, so all times and descriptions here assume skiers will only ascend to the 1300m 'powder line', and descend from there. See the full Mt. Yotei backcountry skiing overview post here:

Price: $ 4.99 USD


Category: Trails

Activities: Skiing

Published: 2020-January-8

Language: English, Japanese

Size: 29.1 MB

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Contains 6 maps:

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