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Yotei-zan Ski Touring - Jinja-no-sawa Route (Hokkaido, Japan)

What's new:

Version 2 (Jan 2021) adds the Makkimo Route to the east, updates the cover photo, and updates the location of the first check-dam on the route.


The Yotei-zan (羊蹄山, 1898m) Jinja-no-sawa Route (神社ノ沢コース) - also known as the Cemetery Route - gives prime access to the locally well-known Delta Slope (デルタ斜面). This roughly triangular south facing area, fanning out from around 1250m down to 600m, is a smörgåsbord of terrain, with gloriously well-spaced trees. Even on a busy weekend, it is unlikely skiers will struggle to find their own untracked line. Of all the popular routes up Yotei-zan, this route is arguably the most suited to lapping, even if the weather is unsuitable for venturing into the alpine. Invest in a good solid skin track, and lap to your heart's content. Like all routes on Yotei-zan, the most consistent skiing on this route is to be had from below 1300m. See the full route guide on Hokkaido Wilds: See all popular backcountry skiing routes on Yotei-zan on our overview post here:

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Category: Trails

Activities: Skiing

Published: 2020-January-6

Language: English, Japanese

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