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Stony Lonesome OHV

What's new:

Trails ratings have been updated due to park conditions. A few trails were mis-marked for direction and have been corrected. New trails have been added. An accurate track of Yeti-Bottoms has been entered.


Trail Map for Stony Lonesome OHV Park in Bremen, AL These will be updated periodically with new trails and new trail ratings as the park changes. Use maps at your own risk. Trail conditions may change with use and weather. ----------------------------------------------------- Green-Easy; Accessible to most 4WD vehicles Blue-Advanced; Accessible to mildly modified vehicles Orange-Difficult; Lockers and Winch Required, Roll cage suggested, body damage possible. Red-Extreme; Lockers,Winch, Rollcage Required(factory ROPS is NOT a roll cage), Skid plate on SXS is suggested, 4/5 point harness suggested. Body damage probable. Purple-Competition Hills; Lockers,Winch, Rollcage Required(factory ROPS is NOT a roll cage), 4/5 point harness required. Skid plate on SXS is required, body damage will occur. Suggested for heavily modified vehicles only. Yellow-ATV Only Mud Trail ratings: Blue-Most machines with stock or slightly larger tires, winch highly suggested if it’s been raining heavily. Orange-tires and lift, winch probably required if it has been raining heavily. Red- Winch required, mud tires and lift required. Snorkel required.

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Category: Trails

Activities: Offroading

Published: 2020-October-19

Language: English

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