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Rekifune River Packrafting and Canoeing Route (Hokkaido, Japan)


The Rekifune River (歴船川) is a pristine, relatively untouched river flowing from high up in the eastern Hidaka Ranges to the Pacific Ocean. The upper gorge section has some challenging whitewater rapids, cloaked on both sides by beautiful cliffs. The lower braided section of the river makes for one of the best riverbed camping of any river in Hokkaido. Here, we outline a classic two-night route, starting from the only weir on the river. It's a trip that will keep experts entertained, and challenge intermediate paddlers keen to test their canoe camping (and loaded paddling) skills. See the full route overview on Hokkaido Wilds:

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Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Camping, Paddling

Published: 2020-October-12

Language: English, Japanese

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