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Bicycle Daytona Transportation Map

What's new:

1. Added 50 bicycle parking locations from data kindly provided by bicycle (with their app you can add bicycle parking to the data base!) 2. Added additional sidewalk routes and labeled side walk gaps: a) Clyde Morris Blvd. south of Reed Canal Rd. b) Madeline Ave. and McDonald Rd. c) Reed Canal Rd. d) Big Tree Rd. Be alert when riding on a sidewalk, especially at driveways and intersections when against car traffic. 3. Added additional low stress spur connection between Beville Rd. and Big Tree Rd. which includes Jacobs Rd. and Violet St.


A map of Daytona Beach, Florida from a cycling for transportation perspective. Map includes locations of suggested low-stress routes, shared-use paths, bike lanes, paved shoulders, some sidewalks (and sidewalk gaps) and a few sand or grass paths/connections. Also included are bicycle shops and bicycle parking locations. The low-stress bicycle routes are based on 14 years of bicycling for transportation in the Daytona Beach area. These routes are generally on calm streets and avoid, as much as possible, busy high-speed roads, especially those roads with no bike lanes or shoulders. Taking a Cycling Savvy course is very useful training when you must ride with traffic and "take the lane". This map is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but path/road conditions can change, be alert. GIS data are from Volusia County, the Florida Department of Transportation, and personal GPS data.

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Vendor: Bicycle Daytona

Primary Category: Recreation

Secondary Categorization: Biking

Published: 2020-November-1

Language: English

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