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Dry Hill Trail - Arcadia Dunes

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The bulk of the Arcadia Dunes-C.S. Mott Preserve trail system is Dry Hill Trail, a glacial moraine ridge that runs inland several miles Lake Michigan. South of the moraine are steep-forested back dunes and together they give the preserve a rugged interior, much to the delight of the mountain bikers who laid out the trail. The loop is classic single track, a flowing trail rated “intermediate” with quick rolling hills, numerous long uphill sections and naturally banked turns. The main loop measures 10.7 miles while Chestnut Trail is a cross-over spur that reduces the ride to 2 miles. If riding in a clockwise direction, the first half from the St. Pierre Road trailhead is often tight and technical in the woods while the second half is more flowing, including a 1.6-mile long downhill run after the trail tops off above 1,000 feet. Dry Hill winds through a half-dozen meadows and a hardwood forest of predominately sugar maple and American beech, making it a stunning ride in the fall. This map, produced by, includes: --10-foot contour lines --Location of all the Arcadia Dunes trailheads --Amenities icons for all trail posts at junctions --Mileage flags marking the 3.7-mile loop that is Camp Trails Along with photos, you can get a mile-by-mile description of the trail from at

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Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking, Cycling

Published: 2020

Language: English

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