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Vukomeričke gorice


Vukomeričke gorice (English: Vukomeric Hills) or Vrhovje, is a wooded low mountain range in Zagreb County, central Croatia, just on the southwestern border of Turopolje region. The range is made up of two parallel ridges with northern one being somewhat higher with peak Režidovka standing at 255 meters and the southern one with its peak Jurašćak at 213 meters. Other hilltops of Bikovski vrh (243m) and Letovanski vrh (203m) are located in between. The name of the mountains comes from the village Vukomerić which got its name from Vukomer, leader of Vukota tribe that once lived in this area. The area was settled since ancient times due to marshes surrounding it. Viticulture and fruit-growing are most important activities. The Croatian state forestry company Hrvatske šume monitors the forests of Vukomeričke gorice. The most common trees are various species of oak, beech, and hornbeam. The chart is created by the Croatia Mountain Rescue Service CMRS.

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Vendor: Croatian Mountain Rescue Service - HGSS

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Activities: Cycling

Published: 2020

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