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Teshio-gawa Onsen Hill Walk (Hokkaido, Japan)


Just behind Teshio-gawa Onsen (天塩川温泉) and attached free campground, there's a small network of well-signposted but woefully overgrown walking trails, clearly more popular with the resident wild deer than the human residents. After bush-bashing your way to the upper end of these trails, there's no view to enjoy. Just a knob surrounded in trees. But on a six-day down-river canoe journey on the Teshio River, this may be just what the doctor ordered after three days of sitting on one's posterior. Better yet, after stretching the legs working up a sweat climbing up the trail, there's a gorgeous open-air onsen awaiting just below the campground. See the full overview on Hokkaido Wilds:

Price: Free


Primary Category: Recreation

Published: 2020-September-16

Language: English, Japanese

Size: 3.8 MB

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